E-commerce websites are quite popular these days. They are well aligned with the time compressed lives most individuals are living. As more and more business opts for E-commerce platforms, it is getting more and more difficult to stand out.

It is integral for you to choose the top websites builder to create your Ecommerce website. You must also make sure that your platform is equipped with the following features.

User-friendly design

Remember, no one has the time to spend decoding the complex E-commerce websites design. If visitors don’t understand how to operate your site, they move on. Rather than just focusing on creating aesthetically pleasing E-commerce websites templates, make sure it is easy to use as well. At the end of the day, you want your visitors to convert into customers. A user-friendly platform may aid this.

Promotional offers

It is not just down to the e-commerce website builder to deliver quality to you. You must take some decisions yourself. One such decision is to add promotional offers and discounts to your website. Conduct an E-commerce platforms comparison and you will find that most sites have promotional offers. These offers are there to lure customers in. Once they try your product, they are bound to convert. However, this requires your product to be of quality.

Mobile compatibility

The best website builder 2018 has to offer is one which offers mobile compatibility. The world we live in today features mobile shoppers. Rather than using their PCs, most people use their smartphones to make purchases. Therefore, you must make sure that the E-commerce solutions provider you choose delivers a mobile compatible site. Don’t just look for website builder free of cost solution.

Fast loading

Just like no one has the time to understand your complex design, even fewer people have the time to wait for a site to load. If the E-commerce solution Shopify is delivering you takes too long to load, it is not worth it. This will not only discourage customers from visiting your site, but your search engine rank will be compromised as well.


There is nothing wrong with picking the best free e-commerce website builder out there. However, you must ensure that the one you choose delivers you essential features. Once you create the perfect E-commerce experience, nothing will be able to stop you.